How to cook a Japanese dish Shabu Shabu.

How to cook a Japanese dish Shabu Shabu

Japanese fondue shabu-shabu is an excellent recipe for a big company. Pieces of meat and vegetables are cooked in broth, served with rice and sauce.


● Rice,
● Finely chopped meat,
● Salad leaves,
● Shiitake mushrooms or champignons,
● Onions,
● Dashi broth,
● Sauce for shabu-shabu (you can make your own — mix soy sauce, grated daikon, juice of lemon or lime, a little sugar).


Take the ready broth dashi (you can buy in a store of Japanese products, or just throw a little finely chopped fish into the water, you can salted water, a little seaweed, salt).

Meat for shabu-shabu must be taken from certain parts. Suitable is a thick edge, a thin edge, a rim or rump. It is necessary to freeze the meat, but not very much, to make it easier to cut very thinly. If possible, ask the seller to cut the meat on the slicer.

Put the broth on a weak fire so that it all the time slowly boiled. Dip slices of meat into the broth for a few seconds, dunk in sauce and eat with boiled rice. In the broth you can also dip vegetables — lettuce leaves, mushrooms, onion rings.

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