How to choose fresh chicken breast.


Rules for the choice of quality chicken meat are the same for any of the birds.

Be sure to smell the fillets. If the smell of sour — the meat started to spoil. If, however, a sharp, sour odor is not present — it is fresh.

Look at the meat itself. It should be smooth, shiny, light pink, homogeneous color. If the meat was gray and covered with matt film, so it has long been lying on the counter, weather-beaten and started to spoil.

Still need to touch the meat, if possible. Fresh fillets moist. If it is dry, then the meat was stored is wrong. It lay for a long time, has had time to dry out and start to deteriorate. Chicken fillet should be stored at +4 or below.

On the need to press the meat. Juicy meat — elastic. It does not remain dents — they are instantly aligned. If the dent left, then thawed meat, it has lost part of juices and become soft. This fillet is dry.

Even in the loin, pay attention to the color of the fat. White fat is said that it is fresh. And if the fat has darkened, become yellow or gray, it means that the fillet had time to lie down and weathered. As a result, oxidized fat.

If you buy packaged meat, not by weight, pay attention to packaging. Packaging should be sealed. If the packaging is damaged, then under the influence of oxygen meat will begin to deteriorate.

If the meat a few stickers, it is better not to take. Mark the date put the manufacturers in the factory. If fillet repack, then glue their stickers, which indicate the date of repackaging and not the date of manufacture of the product. Be careful, because you can buy a stale product.

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