Hot Sandwiches with Potatoes

Hot Sandwiches with Potatoes

A simple and quick recipe for making hot sandwiches with potatoes in a frying pan at home.

When you need a quick snack, I make hot sandwiches with potatoes.


● 3-4 potatoes,
● Salt,
● Pepper,
● Bread,
● Oil for frying.


1. Grate the raw potatoes on a grater and salt-pepper to taste, cut the bread or loaf is not thick, on top, too, not a thick layer to lay flatten potatoes.

2. On the side, on which the potatoes, gently put in a frying pan with preheated sunflower oil, fry until golden brown.

3. Turn and fry the bread is not necessary. Quite delicious and quick hot sandwiches are obtained.

Bon Appetit!

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