Hot sandwiches fanned out

Hot sandwiches fanned out



250 grams of white bread
250 grams of sausage servelat
Cheese 130 grams
300 grams of fresh tomatoes
Butter 100 grams (including 30 grams for lubrication of the form)
Milk 30 grams
Egg 1 piece
Salt and pepper to taste


Cut sausage. Similarly, chopped tomatoes. Three cheese on a coarse grater. Smear butter on bread with a thin uniform layer. So as not to burden sandwiches extra calories for myself I partially smeared butter on bread. We spread the bread in the form of previously greased with butter.
Between slices of bread inserted circle sausage and tomatoes.

In a glass with a fork, mix with milk and egg. The mixture was added a little salt and mix on zagotovki.Sverhu pertsa.Vylivaem sprinkle cheese sandwiches. I love the hot cheese sandwiches so sprinkle obilno.Pomeschaem in preheated oven in advance for 10-15 minutes, until cheese is melted. Insanely delicious sandwiches ready.

Bon Appetit!

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