Homemade Tea Sausage.

Homemade Tea Sausage

Today I came to you with a wonderful … tea sausage! I did not even expect it to be so delicious! I advise everyone to try! Prepared for a few minutes, and the pleasures will get a lot!

Composition (3 pieces 20 cm):


● Cookies (any) — 600g.,
● Cocoa — 3 tablespoons,
● Milk — 150 ml.,
● Butter — 200g.,
● Sugar — 8 tablespoons.


1. Crush the cookies so that there are a few whole pieces left.

2. Mix cocoa with sugar.

3. Melt the butter with milk, cocoa and sugar. Keep on fire until the sugar is completely dissolved, but do not boil.

4. Mix the cookies with the liquid mixture (in stages) until a thick, sticky mass forms.

5. Roll three sausages and wrap in food film. Send for 6 hours in the fridge.

Bon appetit!!!

Homemade Tea Sausage

Homemade Tea Sausage

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