Homemade cheese for 3 hours.

Homemade cheese for 3 hours

Incredibly delicious cheese that contains only natural products and
nothing extra. Cheeses that we buy in the store, it is not known what made.

But the cheese is useful product with a high content of calcium. All children love pasta and cheese! In this cheese all the products are natural, nothing superfluous, so you are exactly sure that your child will have this cheese is useful.


● 1 liter of milk,
● 1 tablespoon salt,
● 200-300g. of sour cream,
● 3 eggs.


Milk we put to boil, having salted it.

At this time, beat the sour cream with eggs.

As the milk boils, add sour cream mixture and stirring boil about 5

Once the mass separates from the serum, throw this mass back onto the
Strainer (if there is no kapron sieve, you can use gauze).

Let the fluid drain completely.

In a few hours you can eat!

If you add a little turmeric, the cheese will turn yellow. Can also be
Experiment with the addition of herbs (such as dill) and a smaller
The amount of salt.

P.S. To get holes in the cheese, you need to add soda …..

Bon Appetit!!!

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