Halloween ideas: how to decorate festive dishes

Halloween ideas: how to decorate festive dishes

Food for Halloween is, above all, the design of classic dishes in the spirit of the feast. See the best food decoration ideas for Halloween 2017.

Halloween is the most mystical holiday that every year is celebrated on the night of October 31 to November 1. The history of Halloween began in the territory of modern Britain and Northern Ireland. The traditional colors of the holiday are black (the embodiment of dark forces) and orange (the symbol of fire and harvest).

Halloween is an excellent occasion to have a party for friends. On Halloween traditionally cook all kinds of dishes from pumpkins and fun food in the form of evil spirits. If you arrange a holiday for children, the dishes should look, above all, fun.

The most harmless treat is cookie in the form of a pumpkin, as well as various cupcakes and cakes with silhouettes of black cats, laid out of raisins or dark cream.

See decorating dishes for Halloween: Click on image to enlarge.

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