Ginger drink

Ginger drink


Lovely warming drink, despite the ice and chilled soda of tarragon. Ginger treats! And it is his property discovered the British in the XV century. You understand that dampness and rain Albion were forced to look for recipes that are not only pleasing to the taste, but also of little use. At first, heady ale brewed beer, and then learned to do without yeast Temperance option. And it is good all year round, and in the heat and in the cold!


Prepare ice: boil water, cool, pour into molds for ice and put into the freezer.
Ginger cut into thin slices or grate.
Remove lime zest. Squeeze the juice.
Mix the juice, lime zest and sugar, add 100 ml of pure water and cook a thick syrup.
Add minced ginger syrup and cook for 5-7 minutes, then drain the drink. In a jug mix the ginger-lime syrup and carbonated tarragon, add ice and serve immediately.

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