Fruit tree for the Christmas and New Year.


How to make a fruit tree to decorate the New Year table?

To make a beautiful fruit tree for the New Year, we need:

● A large flat carrots;
● Big apple;
● Black and green grapes;
● Kiwi;
● Strawberry
● Pieces of Carambole or melons
● Toothpicks


First you need to make the basis for fruit trees. Step-by-step photos of this can be see in the picture:


At the top of the apple cut off: so get exactly put it on a plate. Then, on the other hand to cut part of the core, so that you can stick a carrot cleaned.

Carrots prick toothpicks across the surface. Fruit wash, peel and cut into circles, cubes or stars, if necessary. Skewered fruit on toothpicks. Decorate the top of the fruit tree star, made of pieces of melon or a carambole. The bottom of our Christmas tree can be decorated with parsley.

The same principle can be made of strawberry tree:


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