Fruit salad with yogurt

Fruit salad with yogurt


In the preparation of this dessert using multiple fruits, each of which brings its share of vitamins. This fruit does not undergo heat treatment, and therefore, do not lose a single gram of its beneficial properties.


● Apple
● Mango
● Banana
● Kiwi
● Nuts

For the filling:

● Low-fat yogurt — 1 cup,
● Glass of fresh orange juice,
● Teaspoon grated orange peel,
● Teaspoon of honey.


Start with cooking gas stations, for which you need a good shake up the yogurt, honey, juice and zest (the resulting mixture was put on 10 minutes in the fridge). Then clean the washed fruit, cut them into small cubes (banana — just before serving) and shifting in a salad bowl, pour yogurt and sprinkle with chopped nuts.

Bon Appetit!

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