Fried sausages «Camomiles»

Fried sausages «Camomiles»


Give breakfast Flowers for your loved one 🙂


● Sausages — 2 pieces,
● Quail eggs — 4 pieces,
● Butter,
● Dill,
● Parsley,
● Salt,
● One cucumber,
● Toothpicks.


This is a normal breakfast, but unusually decorated.
A method of preparing food: how to cook Fried sausage «Camomiles».

First, sausages cut into two parts along the one hand, after an incision along their entire length.

Toothpick fasten both ends of each sausage, put on a heated pan with butter, lightly fry and trying to drive into the center of a quail’s egg.

Once the egg fry, carefully remove the grilled sausages from the pan, put on a dish, decorate with leaves of cucumber and dill.

Bon Appetit!

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