Fried Fish Batter

Fried Fish Batter

Everyone can fry fish. But not every fish, turns out juicy and tasty after frying, so I propose to cook it in a dough.


● For batter, you will need:
● Flour — 1 cup,
● Beer light (dark can be bitter) — 1 cup,
● Milk — 4-5 tablespoons,
● Eggs — 2 pcs.,
● Salt — to taste.


Eggs with salt slightly beat up with a fork, add milk, beer and sifted flour. Mix everything thoroughly so that there are no lumps. The dough turns out, as for pancakes.
Peeled and washed fish cut into portions (3-4 cm thick), dry on a paper towel.
In a frying pan, pour oil on a height of at least 1 cm (you can fry in a deep fryer), warm well.
Fish «drag» through the batter and fry until a ruddy crust.
Put the prepared fish on a paper towel so that the excess fat is absorbed.

Bon Appetit!!!

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