Fried Eggplants with Sesame and Soy Sauce.

Fried eggplants with sesame and soy sauce

Hot summer snack in Asian style: fried eggplants with soy sauce, garlic and sesame.


● Soy sauce 2 tbsp.,
● Dry sherry 1 tsp.,
● Rice vinegar 1 teaspoon,
● Sugar 1 teaspoon,
● Sesame oil 1 tbsp.,
● Crushed garlic 1.5 tsp.,
● Eggplant 900g.,
● Sea salt 1 tsp.,
● Peanut or sunflower oil for frying,
● Green onion, sliced diagonally 3 tbsp.,
● Toasted seeds of kunut 1 tbsp.


1. In a small bowl, mix soy sauce, wine, vinegar, sugar, sesame oil and garlic. Place a bowl next to the stove so that it is at hand.

2. Eggplants should be washed and cut into slices approximately 5 mm thick. Fold in a bowl and mix with salt. Allow to stand for about 1 hour.

3. After that, the eggplant should be washed and dried.

4. Preheat the frying pan with butter and portions fry eggplant from both sides until cooked.

5. Transfer them to a bowl, pour in the prepared sauce, add the green onion and sesame. Mix.

Bon Appetit!!!

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