Effective Indian diet.

Effective Indian diet


Indian diet — it’s not written on hours ration, and a list of products that are allowed to eat every day. This is vegetarian diet, admitting dairy products. Avoid flour products, white rice. Every day is suggested to use these products in food:

1. 2-3 fruits (raw or roasted),
2. Raw vegetables with a sauce of yogurt, 20% of cottage cheese, seaweed and soy,
3. The boiled vegetables cooked in a pressure cooker, or for a couple for preservation useful substances (2 times a day),
4. Unprocessed grains (porridge);
5. Three servings of dairy products (clabber, yogurt, cottage cheese low-fat),
6. Nuts and seeds.

Options menu:


1. Fresh juice.
2. Tea without sugar (you can with lemon or with milk).
3. Cereal with nonfat milk.


1. Cucumber salad with sauce, sprinkled with a little pinch of sesame, rice with lentils (3: 1), boiled carrots.
2. Portion of semolina with beans and vegetables.
3. 20% cottage cheese, fresh fruit salad.


1. Salad of soy sprouts, tomatoes and mushrooms, vegetable casserole, slice of bread.
2. 2 boiled eggs («in the bag»), spinach, toast.
3. Soy meat, vegetable cutlet, natural yoghurt and apple compote.

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