Easy Pepper Steak Recipe

Easy Pepper Steak Recipe

How to cook easy pepper steak.


● 3 lbs sirloin steak cut into thin strips,
● Salt, pepper,
● Flour,
● Canola oil,
● 1 pkg sliced mushrooms,
● 2 green peppers cut into strips,
● 1 large onion cut into strips,
● 1 can bamboo shoots,
● 1 can sliced water chestnuts,
● 1 can campbells French onion soup,
● 1/4 cup soy sauce,
● 1 cup water,
● 1 pkg white rice cooked.


1. In a large pan coat the entire pan with oil over medium heat, salt and pepper the steak then roll in flour, add to the hot oil and cook until browned then add the soup, water and soy sauce.
2. Turn down to low and cover and cook until tender about 45 minutes, the flour and oil make a nice brown gravy.
3. Add all the vegetables and continue to cook until the vegetables are crisp tender.
4. Serve over white rice.

Note: also you could use a cheaper cut of steak, it will just have to cook longer to get tender, sometimes I add baby corn also.

Bon Appetit!!!

Easy Pepper Steak Recipe

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