Drink oxygen cocktail! It is very useful!

Drink oxygen cocktail! It is very useful!


The importance of oxygen for normal functioning of our body — is an indisputable fact. It is common knowledge that without it man can not live more than a few minutes.

That oxygen is responsible for the production of the energy needed for life processes of every cell in the body.
Nature provided the human body oxygen balance. It enters via the respiratory and digestive systems and through the skin. In case of violation of this balance comes the oxygen starvation of the body, or hypoxia.

What can be caused by hypoxia?
In the surrounding atmosphere, the amount of oxygen has been steadily declining. If at the beginning of the XX century it was the presence of more than 24%, it is now it reduced to 20.8% and in large metropolitan areas up to 18%.

Such a drastic reduction of oxygen caused by the processes of rapid technological progress. Accumulation of air pollutants such as cyanide, nitrogen oxides and carbon, and some others, lower oxygen content in the atmosphere of the body and hinder its development.
The use of air conditioners in office buildings, oxygen scavenging, frequent nervous stress, and sometimes just wrong breathing give rise to hypoxia.

Types of hypoxia and signs.
Hypoxia is of two types: exogenous, which develops when the oxygen level in the inspired air and endogenous us as a result of violations of the pathological processes in the body, contributing to insufficient supply of tissues.

The external manifestations of hypoxia include paleness of the skin and all kinds of rashes on it; hair loss; inappropriate behavior on the skin during exposure to physical treatments or peels.
Internal symptoms are: increased weakness; a bad dream; frequent headaches, loss of memory; depression and exposure to infectious diseases.

How to get rid of oxygen starvation?
One of the methods of settlement of the oxygen balance in the human body — is the use of an oxygen cocktail. Given that absorbs oxygen digestive system it is several times greater than the breathing, the role of the drink — undeniable.
The fact that one portion of the cocktail the body gets oxygen charge, which is comparable with a few hours walk in the fresh air, speaks for itself.

What is an oxygen cocktail?
It is an energy drink, which is a juice or tea from herbs, enriched with oxygen. In addition to oxygen, which is rapidly absorbed through the digestive tract, the body gets the vitamins and minerals found in juice and herbal beverages.
Oxygen cocktails significantly calm nerves and stabilize the immune system, as well as the heart and lungs, digestive system, liver and kidneys. At the same time I felt a surge of energy, improves mood and performance.

Oxygen cocktails are recommended by experts for adults and children, the sick and the healthy. Not they are contraindicated for pregnant women, the elderly and nursing mothers. It is absolutely safe and can be consumed daily.

A significant benefit of cocktails bring knowledge workers, as well as schoolchildren and students, conducting a lot of time indoors.

The intolerance of the beverage can in people with allergic reactions to some of its components.
Therefore, the patient, aware of this problem, should it put in the doctor’s reputation, which individually pick up for him the necessary components of a useful drink.
Oxygen cocktail — it is useful and tasty energy drink. Drink to your health!

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