Dietary cheesecakes.


Aromatic cheesecakes for breakfast with jam — a great start to the day. Many try not to cook them often due to the fact that the recipe includes wheat flour, butter and sugar. However, there is a way of making this delicacy without harm to the figures, and health. At the same time the recipe cheesecakes always turn out fluffy and very gentle.


● 200g. — low-fat cottage cheese,
● 2 — eggs,
● 1 tsp. — baking powder,
● 1 tbsp. — cornstarch,
● Stevia or another sugar substitute — to taste,
● Vanillin — to taste,
● Raisins or dried berries — on request,
● Low-fat cream / honey / fresh berries — for decoration.


1. Eggs whisk to the increase in volume.

2. Mix all the dry ingredients — starch, baking powder, vanilla and add the mixture into the eggs mass.

3. Add the cottage cheese and mix with a fork until smooth. Consistency of the dough — the average fat content of sour cream.

4. Add the raisins or dried fruit into the dough, mix.

5. Spoon spread into silicone molds and bake at 180 degrees until cooked 20 minutes.

6. Decorate with low-fat cream, honey or berries.

Bon Appetit!!!

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