Delicious Pies for 15 Minutes

Delicious Pies for 15 Minutes

Delicious pies — perfect dish for breakfast or snack for any occasion.


● 3-3,5 cups of flour,
● 1 cup of boiled water,
● 4 tbsp. vegetable oil,
● 1 tsp. sugar,
● 1 tsp. salt.


● 5 tomatoes
● 200 grams or 0,44(lb), 7,05(oz) of feta cheese or cottage cheese,
● 2 cloves garlic,
● Greenery,
● Salt to taste.


1. Cut the tomatoes into slices (circles).
2. Feta cheese to mash with a fork, if you use cottage cheese then add salt to taste, squeeze out the garlic through garlic press, add the chopped greens and mix.
3. In water (boiling water) stir sugar and salt, add vegetable oil. Add the flour. Knead the soft dough.
4. Let the dough rest for 30 minutes.
5. Roll half the dough into a large thin layer.
6. Spread tomatoes on the dough not closer than 3 cm apart.
7. Put the filling on the tomatoes.
8. Roll the second layer of dough, cover the first with the filling.
9. Take a glass for water of a suitable diameter to cut the pies on the contours of each circle of a tomato, so do with all the pies.
10. Fry the pies in a lot of hot vegetable oil on both sides.
11. Put on a paper towel to remove excess oil.

Bon Appetit!!!

Delicious Pies

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