Culinary use of Strawberries

Culinary use of Strawberries

How to use strawberries in cooking?

How to choose and wash strawberries, you already know. Depending on the further use of the berries can be cut in half, into four pieces and slices. Sprinkle the berries with sugar shortly before serving, otherwise the berries will lose a lot of juice and become too soft. Perfectly suited for this sugar powder. It will dissolve faster than regular sugar.

To keep the strawberries fresh, for example, on a buffet, you need to serve it in stainless steel stainless steel dishes, beautifully placing it in a bowl of ice cubes filled with ice cubes.

Especially refined taste this berry gets when pickling. Well in harmony with strawberries, for example amaretto, orange and apricot liqueurs, port wine, rum and vodka. For children’s dishes you can take flavored citrus juices. Of course, the berries are delicious not only in raw form! From strawberries you can cook jam, serve in a warm form, or prepare a fruit sauce.

Strawberries can be mashed in a food processor or blender, so it can be a good base for creams, sauces and cocktails (strawberry milk). To do this, the bowl of the blender must be filled only 2/3. It will be great if the mashed potatoes freeze. You can use the usual shapes for ice. Whole fruits can also be successfully frozen and used in winter.

Berries need to be washed, dried and removed stems. Whole or halves put on a flat surface (a dish or a kitchen board) and so freeze, and only then put the frozen berries on kulechkam or in forms for freezing. If desired, you can sprinkle the frozen strawberries with sugar, take 400 g of sugar for 400 g. And it’s good to close the molds for freezing.

Another possibility: squeeze juice. Stir the strawberries with sugar and let it brew for 4-6 hours, then spread the sieve with a boiled kitchen towel and let it hang over a large container until all the juice has drained off. You can also squeeze juice on the juicer. To keep juice longer it can be frozen or boiled, poured into clean bottles and immediately rolled.

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