Creamy homemade cheese.

Creamy homemade cheese

Mixing buttermilk with sour cream, two days later you will receive a divine snack!


● Sour Cream 500 ml.,
● Buttermilk 500 ml.,
● Dill 1 bunch.
● Salt 1 tsp.


Fold gauze 6 times. Cover the gauze in a colander.
Mix kefir, sour cream, add salt and pour the mass into the prepared dishes. Cover and put under oppression, send to the refrigerator for two days.

Dill finely chop.

Form a cheese loaf and roll in finely chopped dill. If desired, give the sharpness of cheese, in dill, you can add a pair of cloves of garlic, passed through the press.

Bon Appetit!!!

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