Crab salad with prunes.


Festive salad with crab sticks, boiled eggs, hard cheese and prunes with mayonnaise.


● Crab sticks small packing,
● Eggs 3-4 pieces,
● Prunes 100g.,
● Hard cheese 150g.,
● Mayonnaise 1 package,
● Pitted olives for decoration,
● Parsley for decoration.


1. Boil eggs, cool and clean.

2. Prunes wash, pour warm water for half an hour, to make it soft. Then dry and cut into small pieces.

3. Eggs, cheese and crab sticks separately grate.

4. Put on a serving plate ring. Put the salad layers, covering each layer of mesh mayonnaise: crab sticks, eggs, dried plums, cheese and crab sticks.

5. Carefully remove the ring and decorate the salad with olives and parsley leaves, as shown in the photo.

Bon Appetit!!!

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