CHILDRENS marinated cucumbers.

CHILDRENS marinated cucumbers.


This is an option for children cucumbers as vinegar, which is used for preservation in very high doses, replaced by citric acid in a small amount.
This recipe I use every year and eat pickles with pleasure not only children but also adults.


Marinade (3-liter jar)
● 2 tablespoons salt;
● 5 tbsp sugar;
● 1.5 tsp citric acid.
Since 3l jar with cucumbers quickly we not overpower, I roll up in 1 liter cans (or take the 3 jars).
At the bottom of the jars (1 liter) laid:
● 1 bunch of dill,
● 1 sheet of horseradish,
● 2 cloves garlic,
● 2-3 pea black pepper,
● 2 leaf currant,
● 1 bay leaf.


We fill a jar pickles full. For the first time pour boiling water over the cucumbers. We leave to stand for 10 minutes. and the water is drained.
Fill the cucumbers for the second time the new boiling water. We leave to stand for 10-15 min., The water is drained into a pan and cook the marinade. Bring the marinade to a boil, pour over cucumbers.
Canned jars and wrap before full cooling.

Bon Appetit!


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