Cheese Tortillas for 15 Minutes

Cheese Tortillas for 15 Minutes

I offer you a recipe for juicy, crispy cheese tortillas, which can be cooked for 15 minutes.


● Buttermilk — 1 cup,
● Salt — 0.5 tsp.,
● Sugar — 0.5 tsp.,
● Baking soda — 0.5 tsp.,
● Hard grated cheese — 1 cup,
● Ham (or sausage, or sausages, grated on a grater) — 1 cup,
● Flour — 2 cups.


1. In buttermilk add salt, sugar, soda, mix well.
2. Add hard cheese and flour. Mix well.
3. Divide the resulting dough into pieces, roll out a small layer (you can fry as it is), and you can put filling (I have — ham).
You can put cheese of a different kind, also very tasty. Use your imagination! Connect the edges and roll out a little.
4. Fry in a pre-heated frying pan on refined oil from 2 sides on medium heat, covering with a lid.

Bon Appetit!!!

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