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Salad Jelly with Vegetables.

Salad Jelly with Vegetables

Festive salad jelly with vegetables, ham and eggs.

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Banana cheesecake without baking.

Banana cheesecake without baking

A delicious cheesecake from cottage cheese with bananas is a wonderful dessert for a holiday.

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How to make a pancake cake in the form of roses.

How to make a pancake cake in the form of roses

This beautiful cake can be prepared for any holiday.

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Fancy cocktails: jelly shots «Merry degree»

Fancy cocktails: jelly shots "Merry degree"

Champagne — traditional drink New Year’s Eve — possible not only to pour into the glass, but also to apply in the form of jelly!

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Fried eggs in the form of heart.

Fried eggs in the form of heart

It is necessary to make quite a bit of effort to the usual scrambled eggs with sausage turned into a romantic breakfast for Valentine’s Day.

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