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Gingerbread cookies: cooking recipe.


Homemade gingerbread cookies — a traditional pastry in the New Year and Christmas.

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New Year camouflage: create «tree cones» from any salad.


This salad — just a masterpiece! Because under the «tree cones», you can hide almost any festive salad, even «Oliver!»

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Ice cream with cranberry syrup.


Most winter version dessert: vanilla ice cream with homemade cranberry sauce.

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Salad Garnet Bracelet for the New Year.


Salad Garnet Bracelet has long been a traditional New Year dish in Russia, along with Olivier salad and herring under fur coat salad.

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Crab salad with prunes.


Festive salad with crab sticks, boiled eggs, hard cheese and prunes with mayonnaise.

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