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Struggling with beriberi: Pumpkin Smoothies.

Struggling with beriberi: Pumpkin Smoothies

There are delicious drinks that can be eaten with a spoon, and by which it is possible and her husband and child to «fill the eyeballs» vitamin reserves!

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Recipe homemade fermented baked milk.


Fermented baked milk — a super drink for those who wish to lose weight.
Homemade fermented baked milk preparing of only two ingredients, milk and sour cream.

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Hot chocolate with chili pepper and cinnamon.


Choose for this winter recipe, dark chocolate with the maximum cocoa powder.

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How to Make Norwegian coffee


The original recipe of Norwegian coffee gives it a special taste. At the request of the drink, you can add honey.

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Flavored water.


Flavored water — this is the perfect compromise between the use and taste. We offer you today to try unconventional taste.

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