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Smoothies «Good morning»

Smoothies "Good morning"

This drink is a great remedy for fatigue. If you are overwhelmed by sad thoughts — this smoothie for you too!

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Fancy cocktails: jelly shots «Merry degree»

Fancy cocktails: jelly shots "Merry degree"

Champagne — traditional drink New Year’s Eve — possible not only to pour into the glass, but also to apply in the form of jelly!

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Pink milk «Good morning»

Pink milk "Good morning"

Flavored milk with cinnamon — it’s just the top of pleasure! And if you’re tired of the classic coffee in the morning, add a little of this magic potion!

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Limoncello Liqueur.

Limoncello Liqueur

Fragrant lemon liqueur own production.

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Tea for colds.

Tea for colds

Perfect cure for colds, contributes to the rapid recovery will allow you to effectively strengthen and support the immune system in the winter cold.

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