Cake «Delight»

Cake "Delight"

This cake with an unmatched refreshing taste will crown the solemn table of any event. Simplicity of cooking is an additional plus to the numerous advantages of this dessert.


• Sponge cake 3 pcs.,
• Sour cream 500g.(fattier and thicker),
• Grape juice 100 ml.,
• Gelatine 15g.,
• Sugar 1 glass,
• White grapes 200g.,
• Grapes dark 200g.


1. Gelatin fill with grape juice, stir and leave until swelling, then set in a water bath and dissolve.

2. Sprinkle sugar portions, whip the sour cream into a magnificent foam. Then add the gelatin and whisk again.

3. At the bottom of the split form, put the first sponge cake, smear it with sour cream. Over the whole area of the cake, lay out the berries of grapes.

4. Repeat the same order with the other two cakes. Do not forget to leave part of the cream to lubricate the top of the cake. The surface of the cake is decorated with grapes. Put the product to impregnate in the refrigerator for several hours, preferably at night. Before feeding, remove from the mold and cut.

Bon Appetit!!!

Do you like mouth-watering and simple desserts? Then prepare this deliciously tender, with a light sour cake — you’ll be satisfied, you’ll see!

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