Cake «Anthill» from cookies with condensed milk.

Cake "Anthill" from cookies with condensed milk


Servings: 8

● Sugar cookies — 600 Grams,
● Boiled condensed milk — 400 Grams,
● Butter — 200 Grams,
● Walnuts, poppy seeds, sesame seeds — 100 Grams.


1. Break the cookies into small pieces.

2. Butter should be at room temperature, soft. Add to it boiled condensed milk. Whisk or mixer mix the cream in a homogeneous plastic mass.

3. To the liver, add the cream obtained from condensed milk and butter, as well as ground walnuts, poppy seeds, sesame. Part of nuts, poppies and sesame leaves to decorate the cake.

4. Mix everything well, just do not put pressure on the mass, so that large pieces of cookies do not break, They look nice in a cut.

5. Spread the cake with a slide, imitating an anthill. On top decorate the remaining nuts, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. Send the cake «Anthill» for 4 hours in the refrigerator. After cooling it is ready, cut into slices and eat!

Bon Appetit!!!

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