Cabbage Charlotte Pie

Cabbage Charlotte Pie

The pie is made easily, it turns out amazingly gentle, soft, satisfying.

How to make cabbage charlotte pie.


● Flour 200 grams or 1 1/2 cup,
● Buttermilk 150 ml or 3/4 cup,
● Mayonnaise 100 ml or 4 tbsp.,
● Egg 3 pcs.,
● Soda 0.5 tsp.,
● White cabbage (0.5 kg — 1,10 pounds) 1 pc.,
● Carrot 1 pc.,
● Salt.


1. Mix eggs, buttermilk, mayonnaise, salt, soda and flour — you get the dough like a pancake.
2. Chop the cabbage and fry in a pan with carrots, salt and drizzle with vinegar or lemon juice. When the cabbage is soft, the filling is ready.
3. Cover the bottom of the mold with paper or grease and sprinkle flour.
4. Put part of the dough on the bottom, less than half, flatten.
5. Put cabbage in an even layer, pour the rest of the dough on top.
6. Send to a preheated oven to 200°C or 392°F degrees, bake until golden brown.

Bon Appetit!!!

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