Bun with sausage in the form of doggie.

Bun with sausage in the form of doggie.


All kids love hot dogs. So why not offer them a snack on hotdogs homemade, and even in the form of a funny dog dachshund. The recipe is absolutely not difficult. Delight your children fun hot dogs dachshunds.


For the dough:

3-4 cups flour,
1/4 cup warm water,
1 tablespoon sugar,
2 1/4 tsp dry yeast,
1 glass of warm milk,
1 tbsp oil stretch,
1 1/2 tsp salt.

Add the warm milk sugar and yeast, mix these ingredients. The resulting mixture was put in a warm place for 15 minutes. Next, you need to drive the egg and sprinkle salt. Then add the flour and oil, knead the dough well. Return in a warm place for 30 minutes.

Every 20 minutes is necessary to knead the dough while adding little flour. Bake-dog hot dog will be in the oven, which must be well pre-warmed to 200 degrees. The cooking time will take you 20-25 minutes.

After preparing the dough, pull out cheese (for eye dogs), olive for the nose and peas black pepper for the eyes.

Roll out dough.


We put it on the sausage and wrap.


Add the dough, shaping legs and ears of doggie.


Garnish with cheese, olives and peppers. Every dog put on a warm baking sheet, top grease with vegetable oil and put in the preheated oven.


That’s all) Bon appetit! Watch the children all begin to eat a hotdog different)))




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