Brazilian «Brigadeiro» cake

Brazilian «Brigadeiro» cake



Chocolate biscuit:

(Glass — 250 ml)

● 2 eggs,
● 1 egg yolk,
● 2 tablespoons 100% cocoa,
● 1/2 cup water,
● 1 and 1/4 cups flour,
● 1 tsp baking powder,
● 1/4 cup refined vegetable oil,
● 3/4 cup sugar.


● 100ml water,
● 70g sugar,
● 1-2 tablespoons any liqueur, brandy or rum.

Chocolate cream «Brigadeiro»:

● 1 can of condensed milk (without the addition of vegetable fats),
● 5 tbsp. with a small slide cocoa 100%,
● 1 and 1/2 cup whole milk or cream 10%,
● 2 tbsp. of butter.


● Candy «Brigadeiro»,
● Chocolate sprinkling «Vermicelli»,
● Chocolate,
● Cocoa.


1. Chocolate cake: Heat oven to 180 ° C. The shape of a diameter of 18 cm grease and lay a paper for baking. In saucepan, mix the water and cocoa. Stir, put on fire, bring to a boil. Remove from heat. Protein shake up to the peak of resistant forms. Beat egg yolks with sugar, gradually pour in vegetable oil, a little beat up. Add more hot chocolate mass and mix. Gradually introduce pre-sifted with baking powder and flour. Stir and add at the end proteins (parts), gently stirring paddle. Put the dough into the mold, smooth the surface and bake for about 20-25 minutes. Willingness to check the wooden skewer. Sponge cake cool completely and cut into 3 parts.

2. Impregnation: combine sugar and water, and bring to a boil until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat, cool completely and add alcohol.

3. Chocolate cream «Brigadeiro»: in a saucepan mix all of the ingredients, put on medium heat and stirring constantly bring the cream until thick. It will take an average of 10 minutes (+ -). The cream should get smooth, shiny texture. Ready cream remove from heat, pour into another container, cover with cling film and cool completely. Before you use a cream cake layer, it is better to shake up the mixer on low speed.

4. Build: Lower the cake to put on a serving plate or substrate for the cake. Soak syrup. Above spread a layer of cream. Cover with second Korzh and repeat the above process. Top cake and impregnate syrup. The top and sides of the cake grease with remaining cream. Then decorate with chocolate sprinkles and put into the refrigerator for a few hours, so it is better soaked. Before serving, decorate the cake with candy «brigadeiro» and chocolate squares, sprinkle with cocoa.

Bon Appetit!

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