Boiled salmon with sauce

Boiled salmon with sauce.


Let’s enjoy the taste and feel terrific spicy fish dish!


● 4-5 pcs. — Bay leaves,
● 2 kg — Salmon,
● 2 pcs. — Leeks,
● 4 pcs. — Onions,
● 2 root — Celery,
● 2 root — Parsley,
● Fresh dill to taste,
● Fresh parsley,
● Black pepper peas,
● Allspice (peas),
● Salt.


Clear the fish from the innards and scales (can be purchased already cleaned salmon).
Thoroughly washed, then cut into portions of approximately equal size.
We shift into a saucepan, fill with water (so that only covers the fish), set on fire.
After boiling, remove the foam, add the peeled roots of celery and parsley, chopped onions, leeks, bay leaves and bell peppers.
Cook to a minimum the fire, literally tormented, until cooked fish — about 15-20 minutes.
Season with salt to taste, add the finely chopped dill and parsley.
Boil for 2-3 minutes, insisting for 20 minutes.
We shift the salmon on a dish, pour the sauce, decorate with greens and fresh vegetables.

Serve this salmon can be cooked and hot and cold. I personally would like to pour it with lemon juice, bringing, as it were, in an old dish modern culinary notes.

Bon Appetit!

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