Biscuit Roll with Strawberry Souffle

Biscuit Roll with Strawberry Souffle

Extraordinarily tender roll of biscuit dough with airy strawberry filling.



● 4 pieces of eggs,
● 2 tablespoons of warm water,
● 120 grams of sugar,
● 75 grams of flour,
● 75 grams of starch,
● 1 pinch of salt.


● 3 pieces — protein eggs,
● 100 grams of powdered sugar,
● vanilla sugar,
● 20 grams — gelatin,
● 1 cup — Strawberries.


Biscuit: divide the eggs, beat the yolks with warm water. Pour 2/3 of sugar, whisk until thick.
Separately whip the whites with salt. Add remaining sugar, whisk until elastic foam.
1/3 of the whipped proteins enter into the yolks, gently stirring. Add the rest of the mass, mix.
Mix flour with starch, sift through a sieve. Mix gently until smooth. Cover the baking sheet with baking paper, grease with oil. Dough pour out, smooth.
Bake at 200°C or 392°F 7 — 10 minutes. Hot biscuit, turn over on a towel (sprinkle with a powder sugar), remove the baking paper, and together with a towel roll the biscuit into a roll. Leave to cool down.

Souffle: pre-soak gelatin. Beat whites with sugar powder and vanilla until firm foam. Strawberry defrost. Beat in a blender.
Dissolve gelatin in a water bath. Pour a couple of spoons of whipped proteins into the gelatin, mix, add the rest of the cream.
Biscuit roll open. Put stuffing — soufflé, wrap again. Put in the refrigerator until completely congealed.

Bon Appetit!!!

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