Best Chicken Shawarma

Best Chicken Shawarma

Delicious homemade chicken shawarma. How to cook shawarma at home.


● 700 grams or 1,54 pounds of chicken fillet,
● Mayonnaise,
● Sour cream,
● Onion,
● Large tomato,
● Half a large fresh cucumber,
● Pita bread or tortilla,
● 2 garlic cloves,
● Salt, pepper, curry and other spices to taste.


1. Chop the chicken, salt, add seasonings to taste and fry until cooked, but do not overcook, so that it is juicy.
2. Chop the cucumbers. In the same dishes, add chopped onions and tomatoes.
3. In a separate container, mix in a ratio of 1:1 sour cream and mayonnaise.
4. Roll up the pita
5. Mix vegetables and sauce.
6. Fill the pita roll and fry on both sides.

Bon Appetit!!!

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