Baked Squids

Baked Squids

Baked squids with cheese in the oven. It is simple and does not require much time and money.


● Squids — 1 kg or 2,20(lb),
● Cream 20% — 250 ml.,
● Cheese hard — 100 grams or 0,22(lb),
● Salt pepper to taste.


1. Clean and wash the squid from the entrails under running water, cut into rings or strips.
2. Spread the squids into a baking dish, pour it with cream, sprinkle it with grated cheese on top.
3. Put in the oven preheated to 180°C or 356°F degrees for 20 minutes, then increase the temperature to 220°C or 428°F degrees and bake another 7-10 minutes.

Bon Appetit!!!

Oven Baked Squids

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