Apple & Melon drink with lime and mint

Apple & Melon drink with lime and mint


For contrast with the juicy taste of ripe melon should choose hard sour apples. If the drink seems too sour — because lime also plays a role, add to this really an energy drink a little honey.


● 3 juicy sour apple,
● 2-3 thick slices of juicy melon average,
● Half of lime to decorate,
● A handful of fresh mint leaves.


1. In a juicer squeeze the juice from the pulp of the melon and apples. Most of the mint in a blender grind.

2. Squeeze the juice from the lime. Mix in the apple-melon drink without abusing a sour taste. Add the mint, stir and filter through a sieve.

3. Pour the juice into glasses, garnish with lime and remaining mint.

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