American Potato Salad

American Potato Salad

The recipe for a hearty and delicious salad with boiled potatoes, bacon and pickled gherkins.


● Bacon — 100 grams or 0,22 pounds,
● Freshly ground black pepper,
● Apple cider vinegar — 1 tbsp.,
● Mustard seeds — 1 tbsp.,
● Young potatoes — 1 kg. or 2,20 pounds,
● Pickled gherkins — 5 pc.,
● Vegetable oil — 3 tbsp.,
● White onion — 1 pc.,
● Salt to taste.


1. Boil the potatoes in their “skins” until tender, half an hour.
2. Cut the bacon into thin strips, fry in a dry preheated pan over medium heat to be crispy. Put on paper towels, crumble with fingers.
3. Cut the onion into thin quarter rings.
4. Cut the cucumbers into thin circles.
5. Add vegetable oil and vinegar to the pan where the bacon was heated.
6. Add mustard, salt and pepper, mix.
7. Cool a little potatoes, peel, put in a bowl.
8. Sprinkle hot potatoes with dressing, let cool.
9. Mix potatoes with onions, cucumbers and crumbled bacon.

Bon Appetit!!!

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