A tasty, juicy, fragrant barbecue in Multicooker

A tasty, juicy, fragrant barbecue in Multicooker


1 kg of meat (beef, pork, chicken or turkey — to your taste)

For the marinade:

● 2 kiwi,
● 2 bell peppers,
● 4 onions,
● Salt, pepper, ground coriander — to taste.


1. A barbecue, even if it is prepared in multivarka, of course, begins with the marinade. Kohl is already an unusual dish, and then make the appropriate marinade.
So, first we take off the skin with kiwi and clean the 2 onions. Now, we send them together in a blender and grind thoroughly (until a smooth sauce).
It should be noted that the kiwi has the ability to hold the juice inside the meat, as well as to soften it. Thus, our barbecue will just melt in your mouth!
2. Cut the red bell peppers large semicircles, and the remaining two onion rings.
3. Now carefully wash our meat and then cut it into pieces. Salt and pepper, rub it with ground coriander. After adding the previously made onion sauce and kiwi fruit and sliced ​​bell peppers and onions. All mix well and put in refrigerator to marinate (about 2-3 hours)
4. Then lay out our marinated meat multivarku (along with the marinade) and set the mode «Baking» (cooking time — 45 minutes).

Bon Appetit!

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