50 Simple things for women.

50 Simple things for women


50 Simple things that increase the strength of women and increase its power.

1. Massage. According to the Vedas female body just needs a touch.
2. A visit to the hairdresser. Hair for the woman and the woman — a reflection of her thoughts.
3. Manicure. It increases self-esteem.
4. Communicate with other women — mutual exchange of energy is very strengthens women.
5. Long-term conversations and discussions.
6. Walking. Contact with nature is very important!
7. Music.
8. Refuse to complex topics for reflection and negotiation.
9. Bath with rose petals, oil.
10. Meditation, like any relaxation practices, raising the level of women’s power.
11. Take singing lessons — singing clears throat chakra.
12. Visit the shops.
13. A visit to a psychologist — but necessarily women.
14. Dancing — in any kind — it’s a great thing to enhance female power and sexuality.
15. Yoga — yoga practice calms the mind and gives strength.
16. Regular gatherings with friends — go together in a public place, you create a strong background of female power.
17. Flower Care — a small garden house and digging in the garden — it is an additional way to stock up on feminine energy.
18. Communicate with married girlfriends — it is very important for anyone who wants to get married.
19. Help — provide to someone help or ask for help.
20. Visit a bookstore — surprising, but walking among the books very inspiring woman.
21. Ask for help from a man — any caring makes us more feminine.
22. Reading. Especially useful to read stories about people’s lives.
23. Divide with someone household duties.
24. Cookery.
25. Control over the house. Creaky door or a dripping faucet — a hole, through which flows away our energy.
26. Planning. Do lists, shopping, home accounting.
27. The ceremonial lunch or dinner with candles, beautiful tablecloth and fine dining.
28. Training, education of children.
29. Acting Lessons.
30. Picnic.
31. Make-up and self-care.
32. Treat yourself to flowers.
33. Wear skirts, dresses.
34. The Club of young mothers.
35. Taking care of children.
36. Feed the needy — mercy.
37. Communication. What is important is to see to it that you transmitted information was not gossip and other negative.
38. Romance.
39. Learning a new culture.
40. Sources of water — rest on a river, lake, sea.
41. Exercise.
42. Dresses. Wear nice clothes at home.
43. Dismantle the rubble.
44. Healthy lifestyle.
45. Poetry.
46. Feed the birds and animals.
47. Visit a museum or exhibition.
48. Communication with the Teacher — go to a lecture by a favorite author, visit the training.
49. Keep a diary.
50. Make an album of beautiful pictures.

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