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Stuffed mushrooms with chicks from quail eggs.


New Year 2017 — the year of the Rooster. Prepare for the holiday appetizer in a chicks sitting in the nest.

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Liver cake with eggs and carrots.


If you love chicken livers, cook out of it, this delicious snack cake.

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How to make Japanese omelet with vegetables.


Step by step recipe Japanese Stuffed Omelette Roll with vegetables. This is a simple, quick and delicious breakfast.

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Marble beef in Imperial with asparagus.


Marble beef gets its name because of the thin, evenly distributed fatty layers, on a section resembling natural pattern of the noble stone. During cooking, they gradually melt, filling beef juice, whereby it acquires a unique softness and tenderness.

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Pistou by Greek.


Recipe for vegetable stew of eggplant, sweet peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and zucchini.

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