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Cheese Pancakes with Dill.

Cheese Pancakes with Dill

These pancakes with cheese and greens are very delicate and delicious. They can be eaten just like that, without adding any toppings.

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Italian pie with cherry tomatoes and cheese.

Italian pie with cherry tomatoes and cheese

This quick pie with tomatoes, goat cheese and basil will become the favorite of the whole family.

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How to cook shrimp tempura.

How to cook shrimp tempura

Tempura is prepared from a variety of foods. One of the most popular is ebi tempura, made from fresh shrimp.

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Chili con carne: Recipe.

Chili con carne: Recipe

This spicy beef dish with vegetables and red beans is very popular in Mexico.

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Chili con carne.

Chili con carne

This Mexican dish is prepared from ground beef with vegetables, beans and spices. It is served to a table with boiled rice or tortillas.

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