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Autumn soup «Warming diet»

Autumn soup "Warming diet"

Useful in all respects soup and warm, and deliciously sate, and at the same time will not give the slightest chance to gain extra pounds. Because millet, which is part of the dish, removes antibiotics and toxins from the body, and also prevents the deposition of fat.

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Rolls of herring.

Rolls of herring

It is prepared easily and quickly, but it turns out to be unusually tasty and original.

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How to cook shrimp tempura.

How to cook shrimp tempura

Tempura is prepared from a variety of foods. One of the most popular is ebi tempura, made from fresh shrimp.

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Cod Fish Cutlets.

Cod Fish Cutlets

These delicious fish cutlets can be cooked either in a pan or on a grill. In mincemeat it is desirable to add crumbs from dried bread.

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Fish cutlets with cheese.

Fish cutlets with cheese

A recipe for delicious fish cutlets with greens and grated cheese. Serve them with mashed potatoes and a salad of fresh vegetables.

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