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How to make chocolate truffles for Valentine’s Day.


The original and delicious dessert for Valentine’s Day — chocolate and strawberry truffles.

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Dietary cheesecakes.


Aromatic cheesecakes for breakfast with jam — a great start to the day. Many try not to cook them often due to the fact that the recipe includes wheat flour, butter and sugar. However, there is a way of making this delicacy without harm to the figures, and health. At the same time the recipe cheesecakes always turn out fluffy and very gentle.

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Cheese balls with tangerines



● White bread (toast) — 90g.,
● Cheddar cheese — 125g.,
● Gouda cheese — 125g.,
● Tangerines — 3 pieces,
● Garlic — 3 cloves,
● Cream (33%) — 40 ml.,
● Coconut flakes — 50g.

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Clafoutis with bananas and dates without sugar.


Useful winter dessert Clafoutis with bananas, dates, almonds and vanilla without adding sugar.

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Simple cake with strawberries.


The recipe for a simple and delicious cake with strawberries on yogurt.

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