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Chocolate cottage cheese muffins.

Chocolate cottage cheese muffins

Cupcakes are always excellent, especially fresh, right from the oven. They are prepared easily and quickly. These cupcakes with a filling are a real surprise for your guests.

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Charlotte Cake.

Charlotte Cake

The most delicious in the world charlotte.

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Pie in the mineral water with fruits.

Pie in the mineral water with fruits

Very airy and appetizing Pie, making it ideal for any holiday table. These two ingredients immediately make it very useful, an ideal option for the housewives, who follow their figure.

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Cupcake with yoghurt and cocoa.

Cupcake with yoghurt and cocoa


● Flour — 170g.,
● Soda — 0.5 teaspoons,
● Salt — 0.5 teaspoons,
● Butter — 125g.,
● Sugar — 200g.,
● Eggs — 3 pc.,
● Yogurt — 150g.,
● Cocoa Powder — 40g.,
● Water — 60 ml.

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Cake «Mole Burrow»

Cake "Mole Burrow"

Easy to prepare, very tasty and very beautiful cake. On the cut looks like an expensive confectionery!

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