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How to Make Norwegian coffee


The original recipe of Norwegian coffee gives it a special taste. At the request of the drink, you can add honey.

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Honey cake with condensed milk.


Each family has its own secret recipe for a mouth-watering «honey cake», but we want to offer you a basic version of the cake with cream of caramelized condensed milk.

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Cake «Potatoes» in Russian.


Favorite cake, the taste of which is familiar to all from childhood, it is possible to cook at home. We offer you classic recipe.

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Curd donuts.


There are many different options for donuts. We suggest you to try cheese donuts today. They get very tender and juicy.

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What to prepare for Halloween: a festive chocolate recipe.


Halloween — a mystical holiday, which is celebrated on October 31 on the eve of All Saints. Funny homemade chocolate will not only create the right atmosphere of the holiday, but also give a good mood and will appreciate its taste.

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