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Invented diet for those who do not have the willpower.


Invented diet for those who do not have the willpower. If your willpower repeatedly fails the test with diets and other pieces to lose weight, offer excellent diet just for the girls, who have the power, there is a will, and then you know!

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How to make chocolate truffles for Valentine’s Day.


The original and delicious dessert for Valentine’s Day — chocolate and strawberry truffles.

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Dietary cheesecakes.


Aromatic cheesecakes for breakfast with jam — a great start to the day. Many try not to cook them often due to the fact that the recipe includes wheat flour, butter and sugar. However, there is a way of making this delicacy without harm to the figures, and health. At the same time the recipe cheesecakes always turn out fluffy and very gentle.

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Cheese balls with tangerines.



● White bread (toast) — 90g.,
● Cheddar cheese — 125g.,
● Gouda cheese — 125g.,
● Tangerines — 3 pieces,
● Garlic — 3 cloves,
● Cream (33%) — 40 ml.,
● Coconut flakes — 50g.

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Clafoutis with bananas and dates without sugar.


Useful winter dessert Clafoutis with bananas, dates, almonds and vanilla without adding sugar.

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