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Sassy Water for Weight Loss.

Sassy Water for Weight Loss

What is Sassy Water: In simple terms, it is an ordinary water infusion of cucumber, lemon, ginger and mint leaves. The infusion is ordinary, but the whole benefit of this drink lies in the products that are used for its preparation.

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Dietary cocktail.

Dietary cocktail

Dietary cocktails — an excellent tool for fighting obesity. They accelerate metabolism, dull the feeling of hunger and supply our body with vitamins and minerals.

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How to Make Blueberry Mousse.

How to Make Blueberry Mousse

Dessert from whipped cream, blueberries and two kinds of chocolate.

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Strawberry Mojito with basil.

Strawberry Mojito with basil

A refreshing mojito with basil, prepared by hands, is perfect for summer. We offer an original recipe of strawberry mojito with basil.

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Mojito with strawberries and lemon.

Mojito with strawberries and lemon

Summer recipe mojito — with berries of fresh strawberries, golden rum and lemon.

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