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Sea Buckthorn Tea Recipe.

Sea Buckthorn Tea Recipe

Tea made from sea buckthorn and honey is the best antidepressant. This is proved by scientists, and we confirm. Also, sea buckthorn has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. And it’s very, very delicious!

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How To Make a Sex On The Beach Cocktail.

How To Make a Sex On The Beach Cocktail

This cocktail is prepared simply and quickly, and it is tasty and pleasant to drink! The main thing is to observe the proportions of the main ingredients.

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Strawberry Banana Sorbet.

Strawberry Banana Sorbet

Sorbet can also be made from raspberries, watermelon, melons, blueberries or apricots.

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Strawberry Mojito with basil.

Strawberry Mojito with basil

A refreshing mojito with basil, prepared by hands, is perfect for summer. We offer an original recipe of strawberry mojito with basil.

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Mojito with strawberries and lemon.

Mojito with strawberries and lemon

Summer recipe mojito — with berries of fresh strawberries, golden rum and lemon.

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