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Cottage Cheese Casserole with Kiwi.

Cottage Cheese Casserole with Kiwi

Cottage cheese casserole with kiwi is an excellent dish for breakfast, rich in protein and carbohydrates, especially for those who save the figure.

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Honey cake.

Honey cake

Honey cake is one of the most popular recipes. The secret is of course, in the presence of honey…

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Cheesecake with Raisins and Pineapple.

Cheesecake with Raisins and Pineapple

Tired of cooking a regular pie with jam, and you want something new and unusual? Then the combination of raisins and pineapple with cottage cheese is a great idea …

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Ratatouille with Potatoes and Cheese.

Ratatouille with Potatoes and Cheese

Ratatouille from summer vegetables with cheese can be served as an independent dish or garnish to meat.

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Patties with Eggs and Green Onions.

Patties with eggs and green onions

Fried Patties is the best way to show yourself as an excellent housewife even if there is a shortage of time! So, we will prepare quick patties with eggs and green onions!

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